Cnc Machine Shop

August 17, 2008

Hi,   This is my first post on Word Press.

 My name is Ron I am a cnc machinist with over thirty years experience. I am the owner of a cnc milling machine shop, Silva Metal Machine. My wife Kelly and I have been operating the company since 2005. We currently leased commercial space at 2 Townsend West #8 Nashua NH. We currently own two cnc milling centers a 2006 Fadal 4525 and a 2008 Fadal 3016FX. We specialize in prototype, production and design. Ron, also does custom designs and machining on request and contract programming. We are dedicated to quality cnc machined parts and believe in building strong relationships with our clients.

Please feel free to contact us at:

Silva Metal Machine

2 Townsend West #8

Nashua NH 03063

P: 603 809-4154

F: 603 809-4156



Thank you.